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OUAT Rewatch
↳ 1x08 - Desperate Souls

Guys I wanna follow more blogs of the ouat cast, and blogs of a specific character!


I’m trying to find no-ship no-hate blogs BUT if you are a ship blog and not post hate toward other ships or characters I’ll follow you.

If you are one, or post MOSTLY stuff from cast and the show, please reblog (not like cos I can’t check them with my phone) and I’ll follow you!

If you reblog and I don’t follow you is probably because I already am

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What was it like shooting that finale kiss - which seemed to last about 12 minutes? [x]


Endless favourite Peter & Olivia moments →  Call me sweetheart one more time, I’d really like that

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Middle-Aged Harry Potter Books (x)
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After an intense battle of Mario Kart, Josh Dallas claims victory.

"So next season… everybody’s happy?"

Pride & Prejudice: Mr. Darcy x Elizabeth Bennet
- Looks

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